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Some people overlook the task of choosing their wedding songs. However this is a very important thing that has to be done in order for you to have the most perfect wedding day.

There are so many wedding songs out there to choose from and you are going to have to narrow it down to a few that will make the cut and fit into your big day.

You may want to have certain melodies included on your wedding day, but are they appropriate?

Are they going to be the songs that you want to look back on ten or twenty years down the road?

This is a very complicated choice to make and one that you will want to include your family and partner in as well.

Search Online for Ideas

You can look online and find the most popular wedding songs that people use. This may help you get an idea of what you want but you do not necessarily have to take these options. You can figure out on your own what you want for your special day and think about your favorite songs and the ones that have special meaning to your heart and life.

Music on Your Wedding Day

Before the wedding party starts their march down the aisle, you will want to have some great background music playing.

You want something soft and upbeat. Many people like to have the harp, organ, or piano going during this time. This will keep the wedding party quiet and anticipating the big moment.

For the walk down the aisle, you can have the traditional wedding march or you may want to have something a little more personal.

Some people like to have a gospel hymn or orchestral music playing. Others will want to have a harp or organ playing. You may want to have someone singing or you can have taped music. This will be up to you and what your budget will allow for.

When it comes time for the reception, you will want to have some form of band or DJ to keep the party going with joyful songs.

You want to have a mix of music so that you are not excluding anyone from the fun. There are all kinds of music that you can have at your wedding reception.

You want to have up beat music that guest can dance to and you also want to have slower moving music that couples can get acquainted with on the dance floor as well.

Figure out what types of songs you want to be played and then give your DJ or band an idea of what you will accept. You will not want any vulgar or depressing music being played at your wedding. You want to have songs about love and romance for your wedding reception so that people can have fun.

Special Dances

When it comes time for the special dances in the wedding reception, you want to have the perfect songs picked out.

You want something special for the dance with the father, mother and anyone else that you want to include in the wedding dances. You will also want to have something special picked out for the wedding party dance and when the bride and groom are announced into the wedding reception. This is a big deal and you may decide to have your song for this special dance.

Think about if you want to pay tribute to someone special in your life. You may want to include a special song that will honor a family member or someone that has died. This is your day and you can include these special moments in your wedding day.

Do not let the song choosing put a lot of pressure on you.

You want to make sure that you are at ease and making this a fun topic that you can get the entire wedding party in on. This should not be stressful and you want to make it as fun as you can.

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