What is the purpose of sharing our testimonies? Does it have any impact? The word testimony according to the Thesaurus means an indication, proof, evidence, demonstration or being a witness.

When we share what and how God has dealt with us, we are broadcasting that He is real, approachable and is deeply interested in our daily lives.

In the scriptures God has given us a glimpse of what goes on in heaven between Him and Satan. Satan goes before God day and night accusing believers and challenging God to put us to the test. If you want an example read the Book of Job. So if you are going through trials don't despair, you are being tested and refined and when you stand firm you will be rewarded.

In the Book of Revelation we are told that the believers overcame Satan's accusation by the blood of the Lamb of God and by the word of their testimony.

If you have any testimonies to share, use the form below. You never know how God can use your testimony to advance His Kingdom and it is an act of your Worship.

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Here are some Testimonies to encourage us.

Hi Katherine,

God is PLEASED with your research and sacrifice in promoting WORSHIP - the very heart and power to touch GOD!!!

Many believers are clueless about the POWER OF UNTAPPED PRAISE & WORSHIP... I have found the secret which the Lord personally taught me.

The ONLY way to bring the PRESENCE of God into your midst and your own life is through WORSHIP (I mean singing till you can feel HIS electrifying power come upon you) that is worshiping in spirit and in truth... TRUTH has come down upon you, filled you and working in and through you and TRUTH revealing His mind to you.... this has happened to me countless times. I found this secret and HE told me Nancy, make it known to others.

Imagine when ALL believers know how to connect with God in this way... WOW! AN ELECTRIFYING POWER combined by ALL believers WORLDWIDE, will turn this world up-side down... for the GLORY of THE LORD SHALL FILL THE WHOLE EARTH!!!! Believers still don't get it!

God told me a few years ago when HE awakened me at 4.30am and my soul was singing "THERE'S GONNA BE A GREAT AWAKENING". I got up and went to the living room to worship Him with this song and as I worshiped in spirit and truth the Lord, the Holy Spirit of God led me to study the life of King Jehoshaphat. God's strategy given to the King to ambush his enemies was through Praise. God revealed to me that for a Spiritual Awakening to come, we need to build ourselves up in the area of PRAISE and PRAYER. These two go hand in hand for us to see the POWERFUL EFFECT that is going to affect the whole world. They are going to see the GLORY of GOD.

Christians are walking around powerless and lethargic with no difference from the unbeliever because believers are not exercising their faith for the watching world to see the GREATNESS of our God. The world is in such a dire condition and more are being won to the dominion of darkness which is clouding the whole world.

Church of GOD! Arise! AWAKEN from your Slumber! Hasten! Repent! MAKE THE ADJUSTMENTS! SACRIFICE! CARRY YOUR CROSS so many can enter the ARK... the Kingdom of God is drawing near.


Nancy Thiyageas
Immanuel Intercessory Ministry

Hi Katherine,

When I first accepted God in my life ,  I was 15 years of age . I felt very blessed and free FOR THE FIRST TIME .  The feeling that I had was an indescribable feeling  and I  thank God for blessing me in this life .  If it wasn't for Him ,  I wouldn't be here today.

I just  want to praise Him for blessing me  and my family every day for providing us with food.  I know being a christian is hard but  I also know that  I was sent here  into this world for a purpose  and am blessed to be His.                        

 PROVERBS:3:5-6  "Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding . In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight."       


Mele Lama
New Zealand

Hi Katherine,

I have been saved and baptized since 2008, but from that time I have just been labelled as a  Christian. Not doing the things that I am supposed to do, digging in His Word and basking in His Presence.

I feel guilty each time I go out and people ask me if I am a Christian because they see the light of God all over me. I almost cried once because I know the light of God is in me and His favor is on my life and I am not doing the things I should do to serve Him whole heartedly.

I am making up my mind to go His way fully and trusting Him to be my guide. Please pray for me.

Bianca Buckley

I acknowledge that I am a sinner, Lord please forgive me and cleanse me of all my sins. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins and He rose again. I invite Him to come into my heart and may His Holy Spirit dwell in me. In Jesus Name I pray,  Amen.

Gilbert Jayoma
Saudi Arabia

Dear Gilbert,

Welcome to God "s Family. Whole of heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents. I made that commitment in my teens and have never regretted my decision. He is a loving, kind and gracious Savior. Read and meditate on His Word daily and you will know Him intimately. Praying for you and  your new journey of faith.

Learn to discern His Voice. Here's a useful link with lots of free resources to equip you :

How To Hear God's Voice.

Katherine Morey

      Welcome Gilbert! God loves you and we do!!!
      Onaopemipo oOlufowobi

Praise the Lord Jesus for who He is!

He delivered me from the claws of death and unemployment. I was involved in a car accident and he saved my life. While I was on bed rest due to the accident, my job was attacked on falsehood that I refused to work and a termination letter was written but Jesus stopped the boss from signing it.

Right now, I am OK & at work station feeling very blessed. GLORY BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

Noor Mutenyo

This was a beautiful explanation of worship. I used it on my radio program tonight.
Thanks so much.

Colleen Brown

I am a man of poor financial means and thanks be to God.

I kept praising when I was confronted in dire need to raise money to help a poor man of God. Well the fund raising was historical and I don't think I did it alone without Mighty God's hand which I always reach by praising.

Wise Nesh

My testimony is that God always keeps His promises. There has been so many times in my life when I did not know what to do, had no one to turn to but Him, and He always came through for me.

I've finally learned to trust Him with all my heart. He has raised me from the dead (after two hours), healed me of cancer without any medical intervention, given me supernatural money, and so many other miracles He has performed for me.

I had to share this with you all in hopes that it will inspire someone to keep the faith. He will come through every time,

Barbara Willimas in S.C.
United States

I received the Holy Spirit, according, to the Book of Acts, 2:38. I repented of my sins,
was baptized in Jesus' name and experienced the infilling of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in 'Tongues', as the spirit of God gave utterance.

We can pray the sinner's pray, however, we must follow on to know the Lord.

Ruth Willimas
United States

I confess my sins to the lord and from today I believe the new has come and the old is gone.
Thanks for the above sharing. I would wish to have more of it to keep spiritually strong.

Lydia Nimusiima

Well I can say that glory be to God for He has made me a lover of Christ.

All I used to do in the past was party, drink, smoke and have sex and then I go to church on Sundays but now I don't anymore.

I am not 100% perfect but now I rather be in His presence more than in the world.

I love you Jesus.

Christiana Kumi
United States

I surrender my life to God for his eternal glory. He owns my entire being.
LORD, let thy will be done. Amen

Adebukola Bello

My God is amazing. He took me through my divorce, the sale of my house,
my job loss and raising my kids. He is raising me up to stand on mountains.
I am overwhelmed with His goodness & mercy

Shirley Chetty
South Africa

The Word of God has changed my life.

Oppong Daniel

I am a backslider coming back to the Lord.

Andrew Josephs
South Africa

When I hear christian and worship songs and bible verses, it enlightens my body and soul.
I would like to download free christian songs.
Gloria Peralta

Good Day! I gave my heart to the Lord in 1980. Since then I have never regretted the decision I made.

It is so wonderful to serve Him. He is so faithful and His Word is Life.
When you start praising Him, you experience answered prayers which you even didn't utter.

Oh it is so sweet to trust Jesus.

Nombuyiselo Lucy Rooiland
South Africa

From the moment I said the conversion prayer, I felt like something has been lift out of me.
That day was the most happiest moment of my life.

Elizabeth Jerry Ebuga

I felt like a big load has been lifted off me!

Gary Lile

United States

Brethren,  the Lord is Good.  He has cured me from an unknown sickness I have suffered for 5 months but now I am well. Indeed the miracle worker is still alive just believe in Him.

Glory be to God our Saviour .

Kelvin Banda


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