Understanding True Worship

by Nancy Thiyageas
(Founder , Immanuel Intercessory Ministry, Singapore )

I believe that true worship involves and connects with our emotions. We can't say we are in a loving relationship with God and yet have no outward emotions. There are so many emotional responses that are normal to us and are created by God.

True worship engages us with God resulting in an outward response of emotion and obedience to His prompting.

For example, we feel sorrowful and that comes with repentance. When we are forgiven, we feel joyful. When we worship God from deep within our hearts, we feel an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude. When we seek after Him, we feel a desire to be with Him, and to long to KNOW Him more.

The parable Jesus told about the pearl of great price is all about that obsession and desire to seek after God and to find Him. You've got to desire it.

How can we separate our emotions from our worship? They are a part of who we are, and God wants us to worship Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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