The Power of Praise In My Life


Hmm, whenever I remember these incidents, I break down in tears just thanking God.

When I was in college in my second year, one night, after we came back from church, we ate, prayed and went to bed. At around 2am in the morning, I started hearing bangs at the doors of other tenants downstairs. I thought it was maybe their child who went out and didn't come back early because there was serious hold-up on the road.

I then heard gunshots and threatening statements "If you don't open this door, we'll kick it open and kill every one inside". It then dawn on me that something was happening. Not long, they shot the wife and the man on the hand through the window when she was trying to go hide in the toilet.

Then I knew we were in for something. I then got up, went to my dad's room to wake him and mum up. He just finished praying when I went to wake him up. Then, he asked what happened and I explained.

Immediately, he told mum to bring my baby sister out of her room. We started praying. Dad left us and went into his room to pray but I and my mum continued praying but it was as if nothing was happening. Then I remembered what dad preached at the service that if prayer does not work try praise. I did try it and it worked.

In fact by the time I started singing and praising God, I felt the presence of God around and guess what, IT WAS ONLY OUR FLAT THAT WAS NOT ROBBED. I mean they didn't even enter. I was so happy that I continued praising God.

Another one happened when I was in the university. This time around, I was so broke that I didn't have any money on me and my account was in the red. I prayed but nothing was happening. Then I started praising God and behold someone who owed me since my first year and I had forgotten, just came in and gave me the money in 10folds, it was so serious.

Lastly, when I was about entering 300level, I fell seriously sick to a point I went into coma.

This was very serious. I didn't get conscious until after 2 weeks later. I had Cerebrial Malaria. My dad prayed and called other pastors to come and pray but it looked as if nothing was happening. But God ministered to one of the pastors that why don't they try praise. By the time they started praise, after about 12 hours, it was reported that I moved my legs, then they continued till I woke up. In fact, the doctor confirmed and said mine was a miracle that people who came with similar problems never left that hospital alive.

Before I forget, something happened when I went back to school. An association said, I should come and just preach. It was imprompto. I just had to answer. I preached on the POWER OF PRAYER AND PRAISE. It was a great time, many souls were lifted up to heaven. Some people got healed during the praise period.

Hmm, praise and worship is just too good and always a VISA to anything you need from God, try it and you'll see the result, GOD BLESS YOU

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Awesome God !
by: Anonymous

Awesome God ! Our God is an Awesome God ! What an awesome testimony as a result of praise !

We cannot fathom HIs mysterious ways but HE is certainly a prayer answering God ! HE is delighted when His children choose to PRAISE Him in their trials and difficult situations and HE answers each time heartfelt praise and worship rises up to His throne.

As for me, before I study the word and read a devotional for the day, I begin with singing to God and when I do that from my heart, I love the power of His presence leading, guiding, teaching and inspiring me. At times, answers to problems are given and perplexing situation becomes crystal clear. I enjoy fellowshipping with God in this manner as I can feel this closeness to God.

May you begin to encounter God in a very special way as you offer to God a sacrifice of praise.

Power of Singing To God
by: Nancy Thiyageas

Singing to God puts God in His rigthtful position. We need to praise God for who God says HE is. The focus is on Him and not the problem. As we continue to SING to HIM in spirit and in truth, there is this conectedness and His Presence comes upon us ! Answers come in some mysterious ways and God is exalted as a result!

Many Christians have yet to discover for themselves this POWER of UNTAPPED PRAISE. By offering to God your songs of PRAISE what you are doing is actually putting into effect the powerful word of God in 1 Thessalonian 5:16-18 REJOICE always, PRAY continually, give THANKS in ALL circumstances for this is God's WILL for you in Christ Jesus !

REJOICE, PRAY & GIVE THANKS - 3 POWERFUL keys to unlocking a breakthrough in your present crisis. Are you down and heavy laden? Have you no answers to your prayer? Surrender to God and just SING TO GOD from your HEART. Singing to God takes all of your fears away and restores your confidence in the One whom you are praising - GOD !

It also brings such peace to your mind and supernatural strength for the day and restores your joy. Put your HOPE in GOD and PRAISE HIM, it changes you and gives you a Godly perspective in your situation.

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