Lyrics Alphabetical R

Lyrics alphabetical R: for those songs and choruses suggested in the song service lineups that start with "R". Many of the songs suggested for congregational singing are just the chorus and perhaps one verse.

Reach Out and Touch the Lord

Reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by.
You will find He's not too busy to hear your heart's cry.
He's passing by this moment, your needs He'll supply,
Just reach out and touch the Lord as He walks by.

Rise and Be Healed

Has  fear  and doubt  come against  your mind
Has  your faith  been  sorely tried
Well  just  lift up  your eyes  here cometh  your help
It is Jesus  for you  He died
And  if by faith  you can  reach out  to Him
He’s  going to meet  your every need
O  He   will respond  to the cry  of your  heart
He  will touch you  and make you  whole


So  rise  and be healed  in the name  of Jesus
Just  let faith  arise  in your soul
Just  rise  and be healed  in the name  of Jesus
He  wants to cleanse  you  and make you  whole

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