Jesus my Saviour

by Jacqueline
(Stoke on Trent, Staffs, UK)

I was converted to Christianity aged 16 at a evangelical meeting in Romford, Essex. UK. I had been raised as a catholic but did not understand God as a loving father but more as an awesome, powerful but strict presence. When I heard the message that God was a God of Love. I gave my heart to Jesus that very night. That was many years ago I am now 70. My faith and attendance at church for a good part of my life was nominal but I never stopped believing in my Saviour Jesus.

Since I retired 10 years ago, I have been able to get involved with the church once more and am an active member. I will take any course or housegroup that enriches my faith through prayer and meditation. This includes a dicipleship course that lasted 9 months and this year I read the whole bible, although I am not sure that was as enriching as discipleship with others. I also attend a retreat when possible to improve my mediation skills.

I do read my bible every day and pray. I carry the message by a street church with others, where we go into the streets to listen and to receive prayer requests. I am also in charge of pastoral care for my church.

Faith needs to be nurtured in order to grow. The more you put in the more you get out of the prayer and bible study. The reason my middle years were poor in christian message was because I stopped feeding my faith. Last year I visited the Holy Land I found that to be a faith enriching experience.

I also try and help others through street church and also those with drink/drug problems. I am on a help line web site. I also help those less fortunate then myself in many ways. I do this because I enjoy it. The rewards speak for themselves.

During the wilderness years God was always with me although I was not always with him. I give thanks for his mercy in providing a Saviour in Jesus and being patient with us erring and sinful humans.

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