If I can't think, I cannot worship.

by Jordan

I'm a severely left brained individual. I think. That is just what I do. There are rarely any times when I am not thinking about something. This unfortunately spills over into my worship.

I am caught between traditionalist hymns which spark my mind but fail to produce emotions, and contemporary praise songs that can stir up my emotions but ultimately end up leaving my mind questioning my true intentions.

I am experiencing a crisis you might say, where I cannot seem to bring my heart and mind into alignment to praise God the way I know I am capable of praising. I've been doing research, talking to some people, but I've ultimately come up, still not sure how to worship.

I'm a college student, and back home there is a Church I attend where there seems to be a perfect blend. The campus I go to have its own services, but there, praise and worship seems geared more towards an emotional response than a thoughtful one.

I'm not sure if I'm in error for thinking this way or if this is just a form of worship I cannot reconcile with as neither right nor wrong.

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