Deaf Worship

by Jo

I am a Deaf British Sign Language user. I enjoy signing the worship songs but have had some problems with people with hearing abilities, asking why I do not sign the words as they are written in the songs.

In British Sign Language, it takes the meaning of the songs and then translates that into signs. Sometimes this can be very different from the actual words.

Recently I have attended a church which has encouraged my signing and allowed me to lead the signed worship. This in turn has allowed me to give back to the church and feel more included in the body of Christ. I have had numerous people with hearing abilities tell me that through the signing, they have seen and experienced a different form of worship, one that has affected them emotionally and enabled their own worship to become deeper.

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Raising Praises!!
by: Audrey Naomi Williamson

I am hearing and currently learning BSL L1 at college although I started to learn BSL online for quite some time prior to my college course. I have a lot of deaf friends and I am involved with the deaf ministry at church.

Aware I've got quite a long way to go, but I love it. I am a Christian and I love music and singing. I am loving it and spontaneously incorporating signing into my worship. Thank you Lord!

Signing Allows More Expression
by: Cheryl

I attended North Central Bible College and studied sign language. What we were taught was SEE (Signed Exact English), signing the words. So that's the only way I know to sign.

As a pianist who is usually at the keyboard, I've always incorporated physical movement with singing praises. So when I'm not at a piano, I often find myself signing as a way to more fully express my praise.

Total Worship Experience
by: KK

We found out 2 yrs ago our 18 year old daughter was going deaf. My husband and I are Christians in fact I am a music major, teaching music in school and the music worhip leader at my church. I too incorporate signing in my service. It brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. Very emotional.

Another Breakthrough in Intimate Worship
by: Nancy Thiyageas

Praise the Lord for this wonderful breakthrough both to you, Jo and those with hearing disabilities and those without hearing diabilities experiencing God in such a manner.

If you could share with us on Youtube, many others can come to understand and connect with God in one of the many diverse ways of intimate worship.

Praise the Lord for this particular church. May there be many more churches who cater for people with hearing disabilities as well.

God bless you richly and abundantly.

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