by May Ann Puche
(Legazpi City)

Hear the voice calling on you...? Just listen!!! Listen to the Holy calling.....

My life is simple and my goals are specific. All I want is, to finish my studies, get a stable job in order to help my love ones especially my family. Furthermore, I strive to be one of the best gain honors and I did well. But then there is something missing which makes me lonely. Some will think it's insane, but it is the truth which makes me sad. Then I ask myself what is missing?

Then one day my cousin invited me to join him going to church. Without hesitation, I went with him. Moreover, I found myself listening to the WORD OF THE LORD which contains the wonders, powers and promises of Jesus the Saviour. Then I'm startled with myself instead of being bored I felt delighted and fascinated.

From that day, I became thirsty and longed for His presence. Then the Holy Spirit teaches me to worship God by means of singing, music and proclaiming His goodness. I always feel this mix emotions of happiness and excitement to be in His presence. I always feel His warmth and love. His Holy Spirit surrounds me. I will never forget how He called me.....How He breathed on me, giving meaning to my life....

How awesome and great is the Lord who loves me ....No one can loves me the way He do...His unfailing love makes me live.....Thank You Lord!!!

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