A Still Small Voice

by Tommy Hall
(P.O. Box 906 Gordon Ga. 31031)

In 1978, I was a junior at a college in Birmingham, Ala. I was a member of a popular fraternity on campus.

At the end of a frat meeting one evening, two young men had been invited to come in and share their testimonies about Jesus Christ changing their lives. They both were brief but to the point. One was a well known young Minister on campus and the other was known through his association with " Campus Crusade For Christ ".

At the end of their testimonies they passed out index cards and told us to write a brief comment on what we thought about their testimonies. I didn't realized that a seed had been planted that day in my heart and that God was already at work preparing me for the entrance of His Son.

I'm giving the short version of this testimony.

About two weeks later, I was lying in my dorm room watching TV. It was late Friday evening and things were rather quiet on campus and my room mate had gone home for the weekend. I thought about going to the snack bar because nothing of interest was on TV. I turned the TV off, looked on my book shelf and took down the Bible.

This is where it gets interesting. I had never been someone who would read the Bible, basically out of fear of what it had to say, but after those testimonies, again this is the short version, I say this because I was going to be away from school for about two months doing some training in the field of Social Work, and God started dealing with me the first week I was away.

The second week I returned to receive a refund check that came off of my football scholarship since I would be off campus for two months and this is the weekend I encountered " A Still Small Voice ".

As I was saying, I took the Bible down and laid face down on my bed and began reading. After about 5 minutes a voice said " go to your window ", I said to myself, " what was that? ". Because it startled me a little, I started reading again, and the voice said a second time, " go to your window ". I sat up on the side of my bed bumped my head a couple of times and said, " what in the world is going on here, " as I sat there the voice said a third time, " go to your window ", I stood up looking around in my room going, " whoa, whoa, whoa, now what's going on".

I went to the window looked over to the women's dorm across the yard from the men's dorm straight into the lobby area and saw several people standing holding hands with their heads bowed.

I knew immediately that they were praying, but the person my attention was focused on was Minister Raymond Summerville who I could see clearly amomg them. He was the Minister who two weeks previously had shared his testimony with my fraternity.

As I was standing there the voice said to me " go over there ". I turned, went downstairs, went outside and started walking in the direction of the snack bar, but suddenly turned around and went on over to the women's dorm. I called the Minister out side, he smiled and came out to talk to me.

I told him about what happened in my dorm room and he said praise the Lord. He asked me if I had ever heard of the four spiritual laws, as you probably know I was clueless.

He shared the word with me from this small track called the Four Spiritual Laws. It was simple to understand what he was saying to me. There was a prayer at the end that he read and he asked me if I thought this prayer expressed the desire of my heart and if so I should recite it and Jesus would come into my life just as he promised.

I read the prayer and nothing happened or at least that's what I thought. Within (2) days, yes I said (2) days, my life was never the same again. I made my first confession the very next day. Although I didn't know at the time that, that was what I was doing, but suddenly God had me devouring the Word, and it seems as though something lit up inside of me.

It's been over 30 years since that Still Small Voice spoke to me. I've had victories and defeats but what a Mighty God We Serve!!!!!

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God is Great..
by: Anonymous

It is amazing to see the different ways in which God works. How wonderful it is to serve our Almighty God. Praise God!!!!

SImply Perfect
by: Anonymous

It is an uplifting story. And it makes me glad that people like him do not reject the voice or the Holy Calling of the Lord. Thank God and all praises and glory to Him. He deserves our very best.

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