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I believe music is a gift from God. Music Therapy has the power to speak healing straight into a person's heart. There are many hurting people who may not be reached by any other means but through the touch of music have responded to the message of Christ love and care for them.

Today the medical world has tapped on to music therapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of patient's suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Autism and Parkinson's disease.

A good biblical example would be about King Saul who discovered that under the anionted song played by David with his harp, he found that the evil spirit he fell victim to, would leave and he felt better.(1Samuel 16:23).

Can you imagine what the world would be like without music?

Music therapy

Singing is an essential part of this world. God created all kinds of sound. Listen to the birds today as they sing out in wonderment! Listen to the sound of animals, each has its own distinct sound. What about the wind blowing, the tree branches moving up and down, the sound of water flowing down from the waterfall or the pounding of the waves.

God created all these for His pleasure and for us to enjoy the beauty and the effects of music therapy in its various forms.

Good music therapy can lift our spirits and especially when we ourselves sing.

We don't have to be excellent at singing. We really can't stay depressed or moody when we sing. It doesn't have to be a hymn. It can be an old favourite from your childhood. Think about the African slaves who sang as they worked in the fields. I reckon it made their life bearable.

I find that while I go about my work singing and listening to songs it vitalizes me and makes work enjoyable rather than a burden.

Stop and examine from your own experience, how many times have you been emotionally and spiritually moved through music?

Recollecting from my own experience, when the blue's set in, listening to songs and singing along, alters the state of how I actually feel. From feeling the blues's to my spirit being lifted up and inspired to worship.

It's worth investing in an excellent, quality stereo and make music a major part of your everyday life.

When you hear the sound of a familiar tune, you automatically respond physically. We tap our toes, we clap our hands, we sway,or stand and dance, we feel tears flowing from our eyes or spontaneously bow our knees. Often music expresses what our bodies understand.

What we are unable to verbally express for ourselves, that we are hurt, we are sad, we don't feel loved or cared for and in giving melodies and lyrics to such things, music gives them a voice.

For example, when we are sad and hear a sad song, our hearts connects and responds. Similarly, when we feel victorious and hear a victory song we immediately connect and celebrate with joy.

What is it about music that does that?

I've often wondered how a certain combination of chords and rhythms, melody and words, can reach into the human spirit and change a person. It seems that God has built music into the very fabric of sound itself. Every single sound we hear, is composed ofa combination of tones that have the power to affect us emotionally or spiritually.

Have you ever questioned why, the psalmist encourages us to shout for joy to the Lord, come before Him with joyful songs, burst into jubilant singing with dancing, make melodies to the Lord with the harp and the sound of singing with trumpets and the blast of the ram's horn? It will do you good to meditate on God's word.

When we sing and make music for who He is, we are honoring Him and He promises that where He is honored He will come and bless. I strongly believe that, that's why we are transformed when we do exactly what He says.

Facts to remember about music and singing:

  • It influences your focus
  • Creates an atmosphere of thanksgiving
  • Arouses the energy and passion of your own body
  • It's an act of obedience to God on how to approach Him (Psalm 100:2).
  • Demoralizes your enemy
  • May be a turning point in someone else's salvation
  • It's an expression of appreciation to God
  • Great Healing Ministries amphasizes singing

The right music at the right time can calm you, comfort you, excite you, awaken or put you to sleep. It is a tool from a loving God to make our life happy and healthy.

So tap on to God's marvelous gift and don't neglect the natural remedy through music therapy for your healing.

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