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Newsletter - Nuggets of Truth, Issue #001 -- Planners Can Predict Your Success
January 04, 2009

New Year's eve was a day for reflection for all that has happened in 2008 and it is also a time to plan 2009.

Were your goals achieved? Review your sucesses and failures of 2008 so that you can plan 2009 more realisticly.

This is what I have done and would like to encourage you to do likewise. Life is short and precious. Don't neglect your time.

1. Write your goals.

2. Take the time to ponder and write down carefully what you want to accomplish with your life.

3. Writing down your goals makes you more decisive.

4. Make a daily schedule - visualizing your goal builds a remarkable confidence.

5. Learn from your past failures, move forward and make necessary changes.

I sincerely hope the above points will help and motivate you. The current world situation is not looking too good. Don't let that discourage you. God is in control. In the Bible we are told that without a vision the people perish. If God has given you a vision run with it with all your heart, mind and soul. If you haven't got one ask God to give you His vision. He always answers a sincere seeker.

I have made changes to the Look and Feel of Christian Music Lyric Website and added more content last year. For the year 2009, I plan to add more content in relation to True Worship with God's help. I have also named my Newsletter as "Nuggets of Truth".

May God's blessing be upon you and may 2009 be a fruitful year.

Rejoice Always
Katherine Morey

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